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Indianapolis iPhone and iPad Repair

Eagle Micro Computers fixed this iPhone!

One of the most popular phones on the market, iPhones are an iconic piece of technology we see almost daily in our lives. When they break, many owners are shocked to hear the price of a replacement, even with insurance. Many times we can fix your iPhone for a fraction of the cost to replace it. Whether you’re looking at a broken screen, malfunctioning Home button or a battery that can’t hold a charge, bring it in to our shop and let us get you squared away.

  • iPad Repair

iPads are fantastic tablets that have worked their way into many people’s homes and offices. They are a quick, convenient way to work, play, research and stay in touch with people. If your iPad is suffering from a cracked screen or broken LCD, we can get it looking like new in no time. Call ahead to check parts availability on time sensitive matters.

  • Samsung Phone Repair

Samsung has been a mainstay of the mobile industry for years now. If you’ve got a Note, Galaxy, or any other Samsung device that needs serviced, we’re happy to help! Give us a call with a rundown of the problem and we can give you an estimate on the repair.

  • Android and Kindle Tablet Repair

While often not as popular as iPads, the Android and Kindle Fire Tablets can be found in many households and offices as well. We can replace cracked and broken screens on these just the same as iPads. Give us a call with questions.

  • Mobile Device Spyware / Virus Removal

Inevitable as everyone knew it to be, hackers have finally found their way into the realm of mobile devices. Viruses and spyware are now being found on more and more phones and tablets. Some of these can even track a person’s location 24/7! We can investigate, eradicate and help prevent these things from happening to your mobile tech.

Indianapolis Area iPhone Repair

Back to normal, just like new!