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Liquid Cooling Builds

Since taking over Eagle Micro in July, we’ve had the privilege of doing a couple fantastic custom liquid cooling builds for guys who wanted to get the most out of their gaming rigs.  Some of my friends and customers have had lots of questions about the procedures, benefits, drawbacks and other aspects of doing these builds.   What better place to give a quick rundown than our blog?

Getting Started

One of the most important steps is making sure we know what the end result will look like.  Can’t efficiently build anything unless you know what it is you want to build!  As a general rule, I try to incorporate 120mm of radiator for every component being cooled.  Additionally, I consider case geometry, space constraints, aesthetics, and component compatibility.  Since no two builds are alike, it takes some vision to get from start to finish without a lot of turbulence.

Indianapolis Carmel Fishers Geist Castleton Area Liquid Cooling Gaming Computer

While my Note’s camera can’t do it justice, here’s the build once completed. The thermals on those Titans improved by 40 degrees Celsius under stress test conditions!!

Indianapolis Carmel Fishers Geist Castleton Area Liquid Cooling Gaming Computer

Here’s the before photo of our latest build. Respectable in its own right, but those Titan Blacks were running way too hot.


Something I can’t stress enough when doing these builds is the amount of patience I have to have. Whether it’s dealing with parts vendors, bleeding a system I’ve just finished tubing, or disassembling stock coolers and heat spreaders, patience is key to getting a build done properly. Cutting corners leads to broken components, and since the customer looking to liquid cool is always cooling high end systems, broken components are an expensive problem!

Indianapolis Carmel Castleton Geist Fishers Area Custom Computer Builds

Taking the stock cooling off of a GTX Titan Black is a time consuming process, not only because of the screws, but also because each memory IC must be cleaned prior to installing the aftermarket LC block.

Indianapolis Fishers Castleton Carmel Geist Area Custom Computers

Personally, I think the aftermarket liquid cooling blocks are far more attractive. For this particular build the customer opted for Swiftech Komodo blocks.

More to come!

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